Complex Form

I have a complex form with some calculations that I would like to place in Monday. I have a mock-up in Google Sheets:

How can I put this form/spreadsheet in Monday?

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Hi@alanhalley ,
To transfer your complex form with calculations from Google Sheets to, follow these steps:
1. Prepare Your Google Sheet
2. Create a New Board in
3. Import Data from Google Sheet to
Connect your Google Sheet to using the Monday Apps integration.Map the corresponding columns from your Google Sheet to the respective columns in your board.Initiate the data import process to transfer your form data into
4. Replicate Formulas in
5. Enhance the Form in
6. Connect Form Responses to Board
7. Test and Refine Your Form

Should I use a Monday Form? I have 36 questions that are currently on four pages (Google Sheets tabs). Seems like it would be a very long form for users to scroll through. Your thoughts?



I embedded an Excel file in a board. It works well enough.