Compute end time?

Hi there - Working on a calendar view, I’d like to have a column that is the end time of an appointment/event. That should be something like + 2x {Commute Minutes} + {Duration Minutes}

How can I create a formula that yields this for the column? I’m not finding much that is time math. Thanks!


Hi @Theam :wave:

I’d love to better understand your workflow here in order to provide the most accurate suggestions.
Are you using two number columns to track each of the minutes you need to log?

Due to privacy reasons, we can not see or access our users’ boards or account, so if you’re able to share a screenshot of your board that would be hugely helpful! You can blur out any sensitive data, or create a mock board to show us your current set up.

If you’re looking to simply combine two number columns together and multiply the results by 2, you can try the following:

MULTIPLY((SUM({Commute Minutes},{Duration Minutes})),2)

I hope this helps!



These are the columns in question:

{When} which is the time the appointment starts. Example value: Mar 9, 03:30 PM

{Duration} of the appointment in minutes. I added a unit of ’ min’, but it’s really just a positive integer. Example value: 30 min

{Commute} is the number of minutes it takes to drive to the appointment (and to drive back from the appointment if the value is multiplied by two). Also added a unit of ’ min’ here, again, though, just a positive integer. Example value: 50 min

I want to be able to create two new values/columns:

{Total Time} - the total number of hours and minutes out of the office. This will be 2 * {Commute} + {Duration}, but ideally expressed as 2.5 hours or 2:30 if the time is > 60 minutes, or 45 min if < 60 minutes. Example value: 2:10 (ideal) or 2.17.

{End Time} - The time value from the {When} column, incremented by the {Total Time} value. It should look like a time value, but without the date included. Example value: 5:40 PM

*** I don’t know how to change an appointment duration for the Calendar view, either, so feel free to send a link for that. I still need to be able to store/add the commute time separately, though.

Thank you!

The goal is a short list of daily or weekly appointments. In the future I’d like to be able to represent this more graphically, but just the table format is good for now – I won’t have to do the commute math in my head, and I can avoid scheduling items at impossible times. Thank you!