Concatenate Formula Problem

I’ve got a column that was automatically created when I started a new CRM Sales board but something is odd. It is supposed to be calculating the length of time a deal took from the creation date to the close date but obviously something is off. The formula that was provided is:

IF({Status}=“Won”,CONCATENATE(DAYS({Close Date},{Deal creation date#Date}), " Total Days"),ROUND(DAYS(TODAY(),{Deal creation date#Date}),0))

But July 18 to Aug 15 is not 121 days as far as my math skills tell me. What’s up with this?

Hi Daniel
Hope all is well
That is a little strange, If i set the same formula i get the correct result
I’ve redone the formula and made it a little simpler

IF({Status}=“Won”,DAYS({Close Date},{Deal Creation Date}),ROUND(DAYS(TODAY(),{Deal Creation Date}),0))
You can add the total days part to the settings in the column, instead of having it concatenate, this way the result will be a number instead of number & text
Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 09.28.50
Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 09.28.55

Hope this provided whats needed
Many thanks in advance

Oh great, thank you!