Conditional Formatting with multiple conditions not working

This seems to be a new issue for me. But is anyone else having issues with conditional formatting when you have multiple conditions. I know that by default, the last conditions should override the first condition if they are both true. However, if the first condition is true but not the second one, my coloring doesn’t always work. This logically doesn’t make sense from a software perspective…

Attaching pics of my conditions and where 2 items right next to each other and 1 is highlighted but not the other…Anyone understand why this is happening??


Hey Holly! I think this is happening because conditional coloring is meant to color the whole row, versus just one single cell.

So it is just coloring based off of the first rule set. To test this, can you try swapping the order of the conditions and see if the row becomes highlighted red?

Nevermind. Realized that I was using the wrong columns in the conditions. Thanks for the reply, Charlotte!