Conditions in notifications


When creating a notification automation, is there a way to use conditions?
For example, my item names take my customer name and sometimes this customer has a company (another field on my board), I’d like to display the company when its set like:
“Make sure you contact {} {} ? ‘from {}’ : ‘’”.
I would display “Make sure you contact Mr Smith” or “Make sure you contact Mr Smith from Monday” instead for “Make sure you contact Mr Smith from” when the company isn’t set.


Hi @Zalayeta! I’d love to understand more about what you’re looking to accomplish. Can you let me know how you’re using the notify section of your automation? You are able to pull in fields from your board so that each notification is customized per item (the blue buttons indicate supported columns where you can pull this information into the notification):

Is that helpful?

Hi @lauraglev,

Imagine that in your example the pulse has no status {pulse.status}, I’d like not to display the “from” then and to end the sentence after {pulse.dropown}. Otherwise when {pulse.status} is empty the notification would look weird.

Does that make sense?