Major Notification Issue - not populating fields from board items

I have been encountering a major issue when trying to set up notifications with auto-populated fields from my board items. I have re-written the notifications innumerable times, deleted and re-created the notification automations, and even tried to start from scratch with a new board.
I set up the notification in the usual way, typing the text I would like and then clicking the board items I would like to include from the list at the bottom. When I first set it up, it looks like this:

But, when I go to test the notification, I find that none of the auto-populated fields appear in the notification, and I instead get only the text that I had typed directly into it:

When I go to check on the notification to see what I can change, I find that all of the auto-populated field text has changed and now looks like this:

I have no idea what is causing this issue as I have never experienced it before while setting up many of these types of notification automations. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I have a sneaking suspicion that it has to do with the item terminology I set, but I have also tried many options for that with no success. Any suggestions for what I can adjust to fix this issue?

Hi - same thing happened to me. I was able to “fix” my automation notification by changing the Item Name to one word. My original item name was “Content Title | Topic”, which gave the same error. I changed to “Topic” and it worked fine. I submitted a ticket to support with screen shots and multiple explanations, but now they want me to record my process.

It seems to me that it shouldn’t matter how long your Item Name is.

Thank you for your response! I was also able to get my notifications working by starting a new board with just “Item” as the item name. Not ideal as I would love to include some more detail, but I’m just glad it’s working at this point :smiley:

Agree on the Detail for the Item Name. If you are using a Form to populate the fields in your board, you can keep the longer Item Name on it.

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