Confidential Fields

Hi. How can I create fields on a board that I want to keep confidential and limit to a few users? Is the best way to set up a new workspace, create a new Board then connect the boards and mirrored columns and then add the new confidential fields? For instance, only our finance team will be inputting quarterly revenue figures so we don’t want all Work OS users to see these fields. ls this best managed on a separate board or any other way in Work OS to keep these fields confidential? I know we can set up a view and hide items, but that’s still accessible to all members if they want to unhide the fields or look at the main table. Thank you!

Hello @MRC-Fridays-1960 !

Currently the feature of a column not being visible to all board members is only available on the Enterprise Plan, where you would find this option :

Otherwise, you could as you mentioned set up a private board (does not necessarily need to be on a new workspace) that would be connected to the main board. These connections, since they are from a private board, would not be visible to anyone not also a member of the private board. Same thing would also apply to all mirror columns.

Hope this helps!

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Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

Thank you Giannis.