Connect Board data to PowerBI using API

Hi Team,

I have API from and Board Id
I am using Power BI for reporting and need to connect Data data to Power BI but unfortunatly not able to do it. I tried the mQuery available on below link



But nothing is happenig . is this code is still working or any update require?

Kindly help.

Hi @ajeetprasad

If you’re open to consider an app, take a look at our Power BI Connector: Apps Marketplace
It is designed exactly for your use case.


@ajeetprasad If you’re having trouble with the code snippet I would also recommend using an app for this – otherwise you need to understand how the monday API works and pagination, etc.

Hi Thank you for your reply,
I cannot use Any App as per company policy So looking for solution.
I understand the code, But the issue is its not getting connected only. Once it connect then only I can conclude about the data.

Can you share any other mQuery sample code which is working fine on other Power BI.

Oh I see! Then let’s try and put our heads together and figure this out…

You said you’re not getting connected – is there a specific error message you’re getting from the monday API? Such as 4xx Not Authorized, 500 internal server error, etc?

The errors will be reported in the HTTP status code, or in the returned JSON as the “errors” key. Like this:

{ "errors" : [
   { "message" : ... }

Hi Its connected now,

Not sure as of now it was not connecting using API.

Thank you.