Connected Boards Column - Only Show Active Projects

We’re using connected boards to tie a Projects Board with Accounts board. Each customer has an Account on the Accounts board and the connected column is pulling in any project associated to that account.

However, it’s pulling in every project, even ones that are complete. Is it possible to only show projects where Status is Not = Done? I want to only see projects that are in-flight.

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Hey Kelsi,

If you mirror the status column with the connected item, you can then utilise board filters to filter that mirrored status column only to show items where status = not done:

Does this help? :pray:


The team I work on would really like this functionality too.

Your suggestion doesn’t really help as filtering all the items on the board is not the same as only showing information needed for each item.

For example, on board A we have a list of clients and on board B we have a list of reports we are writing for our clients, the reports are linked to the clients and the progress is shown on a mirrored column in board A.

I want to see all the clients on board A, but I only want the status of reports pulled over from board B where the status is not done.

Currently, when customizing a mirrored status column you have the option to show a summary of ‘All labels’ or ‘What’s done’. I’ve uploaded a picture of this below.


I’m hoping that since the functionality is already built into Monday to only show statuses that are done it should be simple to add in only showing statuses that are not done. It also seems like this would be far more useful to most people.