Only select items on high level board linked to other boards

I have a Project Delivery board for managing the delivery of a product. Most items on the board are managed with the board, but a few items are duplicates of items managed on other boards (in this case, all Marketing and Graphic Design items are managed on separate boards). I need to be able to show the Status and Timeline for the Marketing and Graphic Design boards for these tasks on the Project Delivery board. I know I can connect boards and create a mirror column to do this, but the problem is I have a Status and Timeline column for the items managed in the Project Delivery board, and then a mirrored column for both that is mostly empty except for the Marketing and Design items.

I have tried automations, but to use status change as a trigger, I can only use the status column, not the mirrored column I have showing status from the other boards. So right now, I have to manually change the status and timeline on my Project Delivery board, and then collapse the mirrored column.

Does anyone have a fix for this?

I am not sure what are you intending to accomplish… you might sort and filter (all) your columns and save them to a view and share that view with interested parties.