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Hi I am having trouble completing the setup of a Custom Connector from Microsoft PowerApps to My problem is that I get a Response of (200) "“message”: “No query string was present”.

I have tested that I can access the API by running a test through postman and I get a good response and data back. So I know I can connect. I have then setup the Customer Connector as follows:

Scheme = HTTPS
Host =
Base URL = /v2

Authentication Type = API Key
Parameter Label = API Key
Parameter Names = Authorization
Parameter Location = Header

Definition Tab
I have supplied a screen shot for this

I have setup the expected Response as “account_id”, “id” and "name’ which are all part of the basic query I have defaulted in the body of the request and also in the postman test (which works fine). It looks like something is not quite right with the Custom Connector as responses consistently says there is no Query but you can see the query being sent by the Custom Connector API. Wondered if you could help please? Screen shots are attached.

I recently found this article in relation to the above that seems to state the GraphQL needs to be provided within a RESTful API from - not sure if the API is fully RESTful?
Consuming GraphQL based API in PowerApps - Power Platform Community

Hi @bungle,

Ahh great question! Yes indeed-- I’m afraid that our API is indeed GraphQL and not RESTful.

This is probably why you’re experiencing this odd error message.

Would it be possible for you to continue utilizing Postman (and possibly creating your own backend) to accomplish your workflow?


Hi Helen

Not really as I wanted to expose the data from Monday via MS PowerApps and across our company to expand the availability of information and utilise the corporate communications setup within Sharepoint.

Hi @bungle,

Makes sense-- maybe it might make more sense to utilize something like Zapier or Integromat then, as a third-party integration platform that would allow you to link together and Sharepoint!


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