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Hi there. I’m still pretty new to this. I have been able to solve any issues I’ve encountered with some research and ‘trial & error’. However, this one is getting the best of me.

I have two boards that house an identical set of groups. When I receive a specific email, an item is created in my ‘Reservations’ board, in the appropriate group. That all works just fine. What I can’t get to work, is then mirroring that item into the same group on the second board. For some reason unknown to me, no matter the group in the ‘Reservations’ board, where the item is created, the mirrored item is always created in the top group of the ‘Cleaning’ board. I hope this is clear enough. I will add some pictures for reference.

Note that the item ‘TEST 1’ is the reference.



There is currently no simple way to what you are asking for with base monday. It would be possible with a tool like Integromat or a custom app. If you would like to pursue that approach, I can help you.

But, a simpler approach you might consider would be to use a single board, adding views and restricting column access to in effect create separate logical boards from the single physical board.

In any case, if you would like, I would be more than happy to help.


Thank you for the response. I was actually just watching your YouTube video on Integromat when you replied.

Assuming I want to keep both boards separate, what action would you recommend using for the Monday module side? I don’t really see one that describes what I am trying to achieve.


The devil, as they say, is in the details. If you are ok assuming that once everything is setup, that the groups in the two boords won’t change and that the moving of items between groups once created will be done using standard automations (potentially BIG assumptions), then the Integromat portion would be VERY simple.

In that case all that would be needed would be to create the item initially on the second board in the proper group. To do that just use the Create Item module. The only tricky part would be the mapping to pick the correct group in the second board. Here, use the switch() function. it will end up looking something like this:

switch(groupId; topics; topics; group09876; groupb20982w; g3; gb2qwe; topics)

And, for anyone else “listening”, this scenario would be called via a webhook from the first board when a new item is created.

Finally, if you want it to be more dynamic, allowing groups to be added without needing changes on the Integromat side or to allow users to move items between groups by dragging/dropping, etc. all of that is possilbe… just a bit more complex.

I greatly appreciate your detailed response, and understand the direction it is heading. The part I am stumped on, is where my lack of coding knowledge comes in to play. I’m not too sure what syntax in your switch function to replace with my own. I have located my group ID within the Monday app, but the rest of the function is just too foreign to me. Any chance you would be willing to help break it down for me? I would really appreciate it!


No Problem…

You will need the group ID’s for each group on each board. Let’s say that the ID’s for board 1 are b1gA, b1gB and b1gC. The ID’s for board 2 are b2gA, b2gB and b2gC. It will be important to match up the different group IDs by NAME. For the example let’s assume b1gA=b2gA, b1gB=b2gB, b1gC=b2gC.

The syntax of the switch() function is similar to the one in monday. switch(valueToCheck, compair1, result1, compair2, result2,…,elseValue).

So, with our example the switch function would read: switch(groupId; b1gA; b2gA; b1gB; b2gB; b1gC; b2gC; b2gA)

The last value “b2gA” is where the item will be created if no match is found. In reality, that would be fine but you will also probably want additional processing in this case (where someone added a group but didn’t tell you) to notify you/someone. This additional processing, is simple. But if you want help on that, probably best if we take it offline. (I’ll DM you with my contact details.)


You can use automations to move items from group to group on different boards using the connected boards column, status column and automations, you can see an example at this LINK


Good call! This could definitely work for some situations.

For those interested, Chad’s idea would use the following automations

The first automation would be setup like this (note: currently automations allow mirror columns to be use in automation triggers but not automation events):

Both boards would require one of these automations for each status value possibility. Additionally, both boards would require one of the second automations for each value directing which group to be moved to.

In fact, once the setup is done, even the initial group could be set by adding this custom automation:

The only issues might be:

  1. A situation where it was not desirable to always have new items put into the same initial group.
  2. Because adding the item on the second board is done asynchronously, the “mirrored” item might not get put into the correct initial group.

@cnantz Definitely a handy auto. Just a bit limited unfortunately. @JCorrell was able to help me get started using Integromat, and it has been a game changer!

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