Contact Board Setup

My company has three different type of internal customers - Sales Rep, Territory Manager, Regional Manager. During a project we will have to email any combination of the three. Since I’m not the only person who will need access to all of the information, and it will be used in more ways than what I need it for, I wanted to set up a contacts Workspace and am struggling with the best method.

The problem I’m trying to solve is I need any combination of the three email addresses to potentially show up on a single job. I initially had one contact board with the following columns:

Territory Number
TM Email
RM Email

When setting up my automations, I realized I don’t ALWAYS have a sales rep, so the first email would need to go to the Territory Manager instead. If my contact was a Territory Rep, then I would copy their email into the Sales Rep column, so now it’s listed twice. This seems hacky and runs the risk of email addresses not getting changed everywhere if something needs updating. I decided maybe having linked boards would work better. That way, any time I have to use any email address I just can mirror that column.

Now my problem is that I’m trying to figure out what boards / automations I need to do this is the most efficient manner.
If I have “All Contacts”, “TM”, “RM” boards, then I’m having to connect to three different boards when I’m setting up a new job (we get many a day), and potentially mapping to three different boards when mirroring the information.

I thougt about creating automations where If a new contact is added and their territory number is X, then create a new item in TM board and link them. Then I would have to set up an automation when an item is created in TM Board, then create an item in RM board and link those. Then have a final board that has all of the information pulled from connected boards that has all three email addresses on it. Then, when I have a new job, and I select the contact, it will pull in all of the information that I need.

I feel like I’m making this much harder than it needs to be.