Converting an Excel formula to a formula

I am having trouble converting an Excel formula to a formula. The formula works (no error message), but behaves differently. The Excel formula: =IF(D4=“”,“”,IF(AND(D4<73,E4<100),“IA”," “)) leaves the cell blank if no value is entered in cell “D4” and “IA” if a value <73 is entered and a value of <100 is entered in cell “E4”.
The problem I am having in is that if the cell is blank it enters “IA” instead of remaining blank, which I really need it to be able to do.
The formula: IF({Flashpoint (F)}=” “,” “,IF(AND({Flashpoint (F)}<73,{Boiling Point (F)}<100),“IA”,” "))

Hi Paul,

Looks like you have a space in-between your double-quotes. You should remove them in the 3 locations where they appear. “” is not the same as " ".

IF({Flashpoint (F)}="","",IF(AND({Flashpoint (F)}<73,{Boiling Point (F)}<100),"IA",""))

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Hi Gilles,

Thank you. I tried removing the spaces and it still does not work. The default value for blank entries is still being identified as “0” so the true value of “IA” is still auto populating.

Then why don’t you check if it 0?

IF({Flashpoint (F)}="0","",IF(AND({Flashpoint (F)}<73,{Boiling Point (F)}<100),"IA",""))

Hi Gilles,

Entering 0 worked! Thanks for the help!