Excel Formula to monday formula conversion

I’m trying to recreate an Excel formula in one of my monday columns. I’m looking for help to change the formatting so it’s usable in the monday formula cell.


Thank you for reaching out with your question. The formula you’re using in Excel uses some conditional checks and returns specific values based on the conditions.

Here is the equivalent formula you can use in monday.com:

IF({Column F}>0, SWITCH({Column D}, "w", {Column F}, "b", IF({Column CA}=1,{Column F},""), "m", IF({Column CA}=1,{Column 17},"")), "")

In this formula, please replace “Column F”, “Column D”, “Column CA”, and “Column 17” with the actual column names you have in your monday board.

Remember that the formula column in monday does not support referencing cells like Excel does. Therefore, you’ll need to reference the entire column.

However, since monday formula capabilities are not as robust as Excel’s, there might be some limitations when it comes to complex logical functions, especially with cell referencing.

If you run into any issues or if the formula doesn’t work as expected, our team specializes in creating custom solutions and integrations to enhance the functionality of monday.com. We’d be happy to help discuss any other issues you have or help streamline some of your operations. You can find me at omid@rallyessentials.com.

Thank you for your help, Omid. I’m going to give this a try!