Excel formula to monday.com formula

Hi Team,

Wondering if its at all possible to convert the below excel formula to use in monday.com?


The formula is to calculate tiered pricing from a single value in one cell. For a couple of reasons, it’s not possible to have the values elsewhere.

Price Per Application
0-2000 - $101
2001 - 9000 - $85
9001 - 15000 - $75
15000 - 7000000000- $70

So for 8123 applicants, I know I should have a $ value of $722,455

I know in excel this works exactly the way I need, but not sure it can be adapted to suit monday.com


Hello @ScottMartin88 !

Try this!



Giannis, Implementation Consultant at thespelas.com

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@GiannisKoukounas - thank you so much! This works perfectly.

Saved me from a nervous breakdown haha

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