Converting Time represented as a whole number to proportion of working day

I work on European Funded Projects and have to collect time spent on the various tasks and work packages from researchers. I have created a basic form which ask them to declare their time spent on a task as a number e.g. 2h15m is inputted as 2.25. (as there is no option to enter time in the form question types.

I have then set up a formula column to convert this to minutes:
MULTIPLY({Time Recorded },60)
so 2.25 becomes 135 mins

But I need convert this to HH:MM and cant figure out how. Does anyone know how to do this?


Here’s one way:
FORMAT_DATE(ADD_MINUTES("1/1/1", {Time Recorded} * 60), "HH:mm")

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Thank you so much, this has worked perfectly for what I need.

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