Copy the value in a mirrored column

I’m trying to copy a number in a mirrored column to another column the first time a status changes to something.

For context, we have resource’s rates which I want to lock in while doing some costings. The problem I’m having is when I look back on this item in 6 months and the resource’s rate has now changed, it changes all the historical calculations and I can’t see what their rate was back then.

Here’s the formula I have now: IF({Final Cost Locked} = “Final Costs Entered”, {Subitems CPM Cost}, “Not Finalised”)

But of course the problem is that, so long as the status column “Final Cost Locked” = “Final Costs Entered”, it will keep updating the value to whatever the mirrored column currently displays.

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to accomplish this. Does anyone have an idea?

Hi @silverbackdollar :wave:

Maybe check out something like Column Magic Copy to help you along. You can copy the value of a mirror column based on a status trigger and paste it into a local number column or text column:

Hope that’s helpful - let me know if you need further detail.


Hi Peta - I think that would do the trick. Thanks for the suggestion!

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