Copy To without duplicating, to a New Board

Is there a way to copy an item with subitems from one board to another without having to duplicate first? Right now we have to duplicate the item group and them move the item group to the board of choice. I was looking for a way to “Copy To” as a single action versus duplicate then move.


There is no copy to function, I have to do the same thing. You can set up automations to move a duplicate when it is made to a specific board.

Thank you Avery for the feedback. Unfortunately that is not ideal or even efficient for the use case we have. We have a test case repository as a board. A test case has several steps or subtasks. We want to be able to copy a test case to a project when it is applicable for execution. So the automation would have to be modified every time we have a new project.

Well what is the parameters for when you want to copy an item with subitems?

You could set an automation that when a status changes that it will duplicate the item then create a board from a template of your choice.

Is the project it will copy to an already built board? If so I do not have a workaround for making this a one step process.

Also still fairly new myself as I have only been a member for a short while but I spend a good amount of my day trying to make this more efficient to my needs.

I would bring this up to the live chat if my advice does not help.

Thank you Avery for your feedback. We have created a board, for this example, test case repository. When we create new project folders we want to copy over the focused test cases with the necessary steps (subitems) to the new project specific bug board. That is one example. So the original task/subtask is never complete. It is just a standard collection of steps that we will execute in new projects. There are scenarios where we will use the test case template board in its entirety, but there are more times than not that we need a subset of test cases.

Additionally, I am relatively new to Monday as well and as I learn better ways to do things in our projects we modify our template for future projects. Sometimes we have great ideas that we want to immediately include which requires me to duplicate the item/subitem in the template and move to each project board. It would just be easier to copy to. I get automations have their place, but on-demand would fit my needs better.