Count Unique Items?

I am trying to create a widget that counts Unique Items in a board. As an example, a board has 500 rows, but many of the rows contain different logged information on the same item. I want to know the number of Unique items amongst the 500. How do I do this?

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Hey @JT1978! Can you elaborate further as to how you’re differentiating items from unique items? Are you using a specific column? This will help me better understand how we can get this set up for you :slight_smile:

Each row in Monday represents a call for us. The rows have numerous columns, two of which are unique, the item number and phone number. So in a board with 500 rows (calls), Hundreds maybe from the same person(ie same item number or phone number). I need to know out of the 500 how to count the number of rows that are unique phone number. The functionality I am talking about is found in excel, see this link to understand better: