Item count in dashboard number widget

Sometimes you just need to know how the total count of items in a specific group or status on your dashboard. Ex: 78 items not in status completed, etc.

Hi @jogo,

If you need it, you can also retrieve that information easily using a chart in a dashboard. Once you create the chart with the information you need, you can filter by group or status so you will only display that set of information.
Hope it helps,

Appreciate the workaround idea Pedro, but then you’re stuck with a single bar or solid pie with a tiny number & % in the legend, when all you need is a count.

Ok I see, considering that approach, once you have the number you can filter the widget by any column, so you can filter by status or group to get the value you need.
If you need another kind of filter that is not available you can use the formulas to create it (IF and SWITCH works very well for that).
Another approach to get your counter would be to create an “Auto ID” column and a formula column. In the formula column you can insert the “Auto ID” so you will get a unique ID for each item that you will be able use to count in the number widget.

Much appreciated but the goal is to not have to add overhead columns if not absolutely needed…