Item count wrong in dashboard when combining sub and parent item


I can’t seem to find another thread on this, so please direct me there if there’s already a discussion. I’m sure we’re not the only ones with this problem, but keen to hear if anyone’s been able to find any workarounds here.

We work in sprints, which means we assign items to a sprint using a status label. We use both parent and subitems for this, and sometimes the subitems are in different sprints.

We’re struggling to get the widgets to count up the items correctly when looking at sub and parent item combined. E.g. if we want to look at how many completed tasks in the sprint in a numbers widget, we’re filtering like this:


That gives us the numbers that are in ‘ALL’. But when splitting them out and counting up total parent and total sub separately (which gives us the right counts), you can see this doesn’t add up:

The problem we’re having is that the combined result also brings in items that doesn’t have the right label, but is associated with the item either as a parent or sub item. Is there any way we can make these totals not include the other items?

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