Counting sub-item formula results with filters using a numbers widget

Is it possible to get a numbers widget to count how many sub-items exist based on the sub-item’s formula column results?

When I try to edit the settings for the widget it does not allow me to pick columns for sub-items on the filters

Hi @Innecco

Just wanted to jump in here and check if you were able to resolve this?
Looking on my side, you should be able to use a subitem formula column in a numbers widget.
It should appear in the list of available columns, as shown below:

If you’re not able to select the formula column, it may be that the specific formula you’re using is causing the output of the formula to no longer be read as a number (say if you have added specific formatting to add currency symbols etc).
Could you please reach out to our support team so they can take a closer look? You can read them at :smile:

Hope that helps!