Subitemnames formula

Hi, I am wondering if someone could help me with a formula.

I am looking to count the number of subitems (formula would be on the parent) where the name (of the subitem) contains “Internal”.

parent item
Internal 1
Internal 2

would have the formula return 2

thankyou for assistance.

Hi @Adurm

I don’t think there is a formula for this. If you subitems contain a number column you can achieve the same by:

  • in your subitem column click the column header and select “Show Summary in Parent Item”
  • in the new parent item click the column header and select “Settings”, now you can select “Count”

This will give you the count of all subitems that has a number. This can be different from the actual count which is displayed in the subitems column itself (in the parent item).

Hey @Adurm
Using a subitem column summary and General Caster you can count occurrences of “Internal” with a simple formula.
The downside is that subitems column support can be displayed for all columns except subitems’ name.

(LEN({item's Subitems Text})-LEN(SUBSTITUTE({item's Subitems Text}, "Apple", "")))/LEN("Apple")


Thankyou Rob. This looks like a good solution!

Appreciate the feedback. Unfortunate that monday has come up short again with basic column functionality.

Ive played around a bit with the general caster - but have ended up using an existing webhook i have already integrated (via firebase functions) to perform the formula and set the result.