Formulas across subitems

I have a unique case where I need to run formulas across subitems and then export the results via integrations. Here is an example of the subitem layout:

The formula works just fine, however I can’t find a way to use the results afterwards since I cannot select an indivicual row or cell. If I entered {Formula}, for example, it would give me an error because it would be selecting multiple rows.

I have General Caster and I would use it to create a new Item column for each result, but I still can’t find a way to multiply across and then keep track of the individual rows.

Is there a way around this? It seems like a pretty basic task.

Hey Matthew,

To ensure I am understanding this correctly, are you interested in only exporting specific cells and/or line items? For example, only the item/row - Example 1 ?

If this is the case, I am interested if you could utilise the item to PDF app?

Screen Shot 2023-07-12 at 2.54.43 pm

You would need to set up a connect boards and mirror column to connect/mirror the subitem into the parent item, then customise the app to export that specific data:

I recognise this isn’t a native solution and will certainly share this with the dedicated team, however I’d love to hear if this could work in the meantime :pray:

Hi Bianca -

Yep, you got it exactly! Essentially I’m trying to export specific cells. That’s not an issue for a normal Item where column = cell, basically, but it’s not as easy with Subitems.

If I’m understanding you correctly, it looks like this would work in terms of getting the cells into a PDF but unfortunately that won’t work for my purposes. I’m looking to map these cells into other platforms.

I’m playing with using the V Lookup integration to see if moving the Subitem cells into hidden Item columns could be a workaround. I also spoke with General Caster support and it sounds like the Subitem capabilities I’m looking for might be coming later this year.

Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it!

Ah, I understand :pray:

V Lookup and General Caster are great workarounds here and I am happy to have a play around incase I can figure something out - that said, I am excited to hear that General Caster is looking to expand subitem capabilities :raised_hands:

Thanks for your cooperation Matt!

Hi again -

Just in case you, @BiancaT, or anyone else was wondering, my solution turned out to be pretty complex, but it works! And you can hide most of the automation columns, so it’s mostly just backend and fairly seamless from the user perspective. Here’s my solution:


First, I’ll reiterate the goal:

A - Run live formulas across items/subitems
B - Export formula results or individual subitem values into external integrations (such as HubSpot, DocuSign, etc)



  • All items must have unique names.
  • All subitems must have the same names (“Example 1”, “Example 2” in my picture above).
  • You’ll need the Autoboost and VLookup apps. You can get by with VLookup on the free plan, however, you’ll probably need to subscribe to the paid plan Autoboost depending on your usage.


How to:

  1. Make a native Monday automation: ‘when item is created, then create a subitem’. Add as many subitems as you want, and make sure you name them all (“Example 1”, “Example 2” in my picture above). The naming needs to be automated, it cannot be added later. Keep track of what subitem names you’re using, you’ll need them later.

  2. Make an Autoboost automation to copy your “item name” into a new item column. Again, this won’t work if you have duplicate item names.

  3. Make an Autoboost ‘when subitem created’ automation to cast your new “item name” column into a new subitem column.

  4. Now, we need to make a uniqe identifier for each subitem. Make one more additional subitem column. Then, make an Autboost ‘when subitem column changes (reffering to your casted column)’ automation to populate the new column with the Concationate formula. My formula looks like this: CONCATENATE(“[]”," []").

  5. Now, back in your item columns, make yet another column and an Autoboost ‘when item created’ automation: CONCATENATE({Item’s Name}," Example 1"). Do this for each of your subitems. The result should be a unique ID for each subitem, and matching IDs in your item columns.

Check in - Your subitems shoud have two columns, one with your “item name” and one with your “item name + subitem name”. Your item should have a matching column with your “item name”, and corresponding columns for all your “item name + subitem name” IDs. Check for any errors when it comes to spelling, case sensitivity, etc. - this won’t work if the IDs don’t match up.

  1. Next, if you haven’t already, add the VLookup integration “when any subitem column changes, automatically update changes in linked boards”.

  2. Make new item columns for all of the subitem values that you’d like to export. Remember than you’ll need one column for every subitem “cell”, as opposed to every subitem column.

  3. Create a new VLookup view and add a new Auto-link. You’ll need one Auto-link for each subitem. For me, the inputs look like this (yours should be similar):

  • Source Borard: Subitems of [current board]
  • Target Board: [current board]
  • Source Column: [subitem’s “item name + subitem name” column]
  • Target Column: [item’s corresponding column]
  • Source Column Value: [the subitem column you’re targeting]
  • Target Column Value: [the item column destination]

Note - If you’re using the free version, you’ll only be able to move two cells per Auto-link. Meaning, basically, you’ll just need to make more Auto-links.

  1. Check “Do you want to update existing items?”, save your Auto-link, and BOOM! All of the subitems should now be in your item columns. The best part is that these are updated in real time, not button pressing necissary. So when your subitems change, they shoud change in the item columns as well.


Here are links for Autoboost and VLookup.

I know this sounds quite complicated, but I promise it makes sense in practice! That being said, if there is a more straightforward way to go about this, I would love to hear it!

This is incredible! Thank you so much for sharing @matttlap - you’ve clearly dedicated a heap of time and effort into this, which I know community members in similar situations would be grateful for :pray: Nice work!