Getting sum of number column based on dropdown columns value

I am trying to find a way to calculate how much of a certain item exist. I have a furniture building company and basically, the main project item hosts the customers information as well as the overall project status and the subitems are each piece within that project order. One of the columns of the subitem is “ITEM TYPE” and theres another column that is the “QUANTITY”. I need a way to know… if the ITEM TYPE is CHAIR(S), what is the total quantity across all projects that have a subitem “CHAIR(S)”. Chairs are always a big issue and I need a way to know how many there are to build at any given time. Sometimes we only need 20-30 chairs, others we need 80-100 so I’ve been trying to find a way to see how many there are in real time. Is there any time of way to accomplish this?

Hi @MFeldballe - there are a few ways to tackle this. Within your board you could show the QUANTITY subitem column on the parent item, then set a subitem filter on your board on ITEM TYPE = CHAIRS. Then add a board footer from monday.labs to see a total.

The other way would be to have a Dashboard view on your Board with a Number widget. Set the Numbers column to your subitem Quantity and Filter the widget where subitem ITEM TYPE = Chairs.

If you wanted to see quantities of all your item types, having several Number Widgets within your dashboard is an option (each widget filtered to the item type) or a Chart (bar, pie, etc) that will show a count of all your items split by type.

Hope this helps!

hi @MFeldballe

Si, if I understand correctly your main items are and each item has subitems . An has a quantity (number) and a type (is that a status or a dropdown). In case it is a dropdown this is a 100% fit with the app Rollup Subitems as this apps can summarize number columns in subitems and filter by dropdown .

If you are using a status column as the item type the app can still work but might need a few tweaks.

Hi @MFeldballe

I suggest taking a look at the Analytics & Reports add-on which can roll-up values from subitems and aggregate numbers across all of you projects. You can create custom charts and place them on monday dashboard, or schedule them to be sent as PDF reports to selected recipients.

You can drop me message to learn more or sign up for a free trial.