Country Code Field for Mobile Number in the End User's Form Submission View

The Country Code field for Mobile Number column, in the End User’s Form Submission view, provides unfavorable user experiences and challenging to operate for average users (Boomers.)

We need to request a user’s accurate mobile number, so they must complete this field on a shareable form link. All of our requestees are located in the United States. The (+1) American Flag is buried at the bottom of the dropdown in alphabetical order (even though it shows the flags and not the country name.)

I suggest any of the following:

  1. Make the United States the default area code
  2. Make the Account Owners Country of Residence the default area code
  3. Move the United States to the top of the drop-down list


I agree with this request, but I’d like the ability to completely remove the country code of the phone number. Could that be a setting within the column?

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This is fantastic. Ability to remove it completely please. Thank you!!!