Create a dynamic filter for all existing and future items in a list (e.g. Sprints of a Group)

I have a timeline dashboard with all my team’s work and the way I filter which items to show is by selecting the Sprint names the tickets are assigned to. This, however means that every two weeks when a new Sprint starts, I need to amend the filters (there are multiple boards - Features, Bugs, Incidents etc) and add the new Sprint name.

This in itself is already quite inconvenient, but it is even further complicated by the fact that I cannot select a Sprint name as long as not at least one item is already assigned to this Sprint. This means that I - in reality - have to change the filters each time the first items is added from a board to the Sprint (e.g. when the first Incident is added to the Sprint).

I would like the ability to set a filter that says “Show all items that belong to any Sprint from a given list” (whereas the list could be all Sprints of my team).