Filter by Entire Group Timeline Instead of Item Timelines

Hi! I’m suggesting an added feature that would allow filtering on the timeline of an entire group rather than the timeline for individual items within the group.

My use case for this would be the ability to filter for groups that are scheduled to have all their items completed by a future date.

My company has one board with all our projects. Each project is one group. I need to be able to filter to see just those projects/groups that are finishing in the next two weeks, so we can identify which team members will be able to take on new projects. Currently the date/timeline filters are only available to use at the item level.

However, the complete timeline for the group is available in the data, since it’s visible when the timeline column summary is turned on. I’d like to be able to use that data to set up a filter to show only those groups where ALL items will be completed by X date.

The suggestion the Monday support team gave me as a workaround involved adding in another date column to indicate the project/group end date on every item, which requires more work during set-up and opens up the possibility of user error if another later item is added or a date is not updated in both places.