Filter Based on Date Moved to Group

I’m using a board to manage lots of small projects. When a project is complete, we move it to a “Done” group. I’ve been asked to start producing a monthly report of all the items that have been completed in the last month.

Is there a way to filter by the date an item was moved into a group? I can’t seem to find one.

If not, does anyone have any other ideas that might help?

Hi Richard,

That’s definitely possible in—however, you need to store that data.

  1. Create a date column and call it something like “Done Date”.
  2. Create a custom automation with the following recipe:

    Now for the group choose your Done group, and for the date, choose your “Done Date” column.

When an item moves to the Done group, it will fill the Done Date with the current date. Then you can use that Done Date column to filter tasks based on when they’ve been completed.

Good luck!

Thanks. I was secretly hoping this wouldn’t be the case as it would mean going through all our “done” items and setting a date on them, but never mind.

Thank you!