Create automations for converting mirrored column values to text AND disconnecting boards (Scaling Portfolio Boards for larger enterprises)

Current functionality:

  • There is no automation or formula to convert a mirrored column value into text
  • There is an automation to connect boards in certain circumstances but there is no automation to disconnect a board. There is an automation to delete OR archive an item (Portfolio Board / list of projects). These options will automatically disconnect a board with recent upgrade(s). However, archiving/deleting may not always be desired.
  • There is a hard limit of 60 connected boards (Enterprise license) OR 10,000 items per board (

Enhancement request / Desired functionality:

  • Automation to convert the value from a mirrored column to a text column
  • Automation to disconnect a board when X happens e.g. status changes to ‘complete’
  • Increase the enterprise limit for connected boards on Portfolio Boards (i.e. a summary board of multiple projects)

Use case
We are a company with hundreds of projects every year. Projects can last from 8 weeks to several years in duration. We could have hundreds of active projects.

We manage our projects with:

  • A Portfolio Board: Single line summary of all project(s) for triage, reporting and high-level management
  • An implementation board for each project with detailed item(s).
  • Each implementation board is connected to the portfolio board via mirrored columns and links
  • The mirrored columns are connected to all item(s) on each implementation board. The mirrored columns provide a summary of the project status and item count.

It helps us understand the complexity of the project (item count) and the overall status of all active projects. The portfolio board has multiple date columns to help with tracking and reporting. We can compare the status with the due date to see if we’re on track etc. All of this worked until we inevitably hit the limit of 60 connected boards.

60 is quite small for a company of our size. We are new to Monday but we are already getting alerts that we’ve reached the limit and can’t connect any additional boards. We understand that there could be performance issue(s) if we connect too many boards or items to our Portfolio Board. Unfortunately, we found disconnecting boards is a laborious, manual process. There is no way to convert the data in our mirrored columns to text so we can disconnect our implementation boards automatically as they are completed. Mirrored columns require the implementation boards to be connected with the portfolio board. Closing a project does not mean we completed every item as thing(s) can change and we may encounter blockers. We would like the completed projects on the portfolio board to accurately reflect how many item(s) or % of item(s) that were completed. Disconnecting boards means we lose some of this information OR we need to manually convert the mirrored columns to text.

We think it should be possible to convert a simple mirrored count (e.g. sum OR count items) into a text value using an automation. The status summary may be more complicated but we should be able to automatically convert the summary into a number value e.g. % of items completed. Similarly, there is an automation to CONNECT an item to a board but there is no automation to DISCONNECT the same item/board. It’s a manual process.

We think these changes could help you scale project management for larger enterprise companies and allow them to use the Portfolio Board for ongoing management and reporting each financial year.

hi @bkennedy_ebsco

Welcome to the community! The app Rollup Multiple Boards solves the issues you have with mirrored columns. It is using a different approach and not using connect_boards / mirror columns at all. You portfolio board will have one item for each project board with consolidated (aggregated) information form those project boards in normal (text / number / status) columns. There is a video explaining how to set this up here.

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Hi Belinda,
I agree with you that the limitations on boards are annoying.
Anyway, I think there might be some workaround for your other concerns:

  • you can copy a mirror column into text by using some extra software, as Column magic or General cluster or also what Bas proposed to you just above. You need to look for the right app for you in the app market place
  • You can disconnect 2 items by clearing the mirror column in an automation. So if your project is finished, you can simply use the recipe “when status change to Finished, clear column”, column being the linked between your 2 boards. If you manage to do that for all lines in your project, then you will reduce the quantity of connection in your boards.
    I hope this helps.


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