Create button to call external api

I am trying to create a button that call an exernal api. Lets say I have an api I want to create a button that calls this api along with the data in that particular board as request data.

Is it possible to do this ? If yes how to do this ?


Yes, it is possible. But if you do not control the internals of the API you will probably need to have an intermediary because the API must respond correctly on the initial call for validation. See the Webhooks ( documentation.

Make would work.

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I think @aaeronn means having a dashboard or item view panel to interact with external APIs. I am also wondering the same thing. Webhooks allows Monday to call external APIs on application events, but not when a user presses a button.

Imagine the desire of storing data of your App outside of Monday. You may be able to contact external API with JavaScript fetching fetch('') but how could we provide the necessary authorizations to validate the user credibility and/or interact with Monday on his behalf?

With Integrations, we get a short lived token to interact on the user behalf, and you can alternatively get a long lasting token by using OAuth. But integrations are the same as Webhooks, they do not happen on user interaction but rather when something happens on the Monday server.

Thank you!


The button is easy: Create the button (ignore the automation setup). Create a webhook recipe triggered on change of button column.

Custom integrations CAN be called on a button click. That is an included trigger in the application creation of recipes.

Jim - The Monday Man
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Hi Jim!

Thank you for the clarifications. I realize now that you guys are talking about adding a column of type “Button” in a board, and your solutions works for that, thank you!

I was instead wondering how I would securely access our external API from an Item View feature in an App: