Create Checklist with create_update API

Hello, is it possible to create a checklist with the create_update mutation?
I tried different syntax but nothings seems to work. Like:
mutation {
create_update (item_id: 123446, body: “○ test\n○ step2\n○ step3”) {

Try this:

“body”: "<div> <ul data-checklist-holder=“true” data-checklist-id=“21067349”> "

“text_body”: “○ test\n○ test\n○ test”

“Field ‘create_update’ doesn’t accept argument ‘text_body’”,

It works with this as body value:

<ul data-checklist-id="21067349" class="checklist"><li data-checklist-task-id="56016209" class="checklist_task" dir="auto">Step1</li><li data-checklist-task-id="56016210" class="checklist_task" dir="auto">Step2</li></ul>

But im not sure if this is the right way. Because you have to use some allready used ids…

Hi @axrfr :wave:

As of right now,’s API does not officially support the creation of checklists within an update. Although I think this would be a great addition to the API and I’ve since shared your feedback with the team.

Let us know if you have any other questions or suggestions! :slight_smile:

Is there any update on this? When will be possible to create checklists through the APIv2?