Create Item with Subitems at the same time using Integrations

We use to keep track of transfers of equipment between our customers and our sales representatives out in the field. We’ve been running into an issue where we have to have a large number of columns on our boards to show each piece of equipment by customer. Some of our customers have up to 10 pieces of equipment. We would like to keep most tasks automated so that we’re only updating status columns and not manually importing data for each form submission.
What it currently looks like:

We would love to be able to “create an item when a form is submitted” using our JotForm integration and have each piece of equipment be entered within a item (featuring the customer information) as multiple subitems. This would open up new opportunities for using to track tasks that are needed with equipment inventory and servicing once it’s out in the field.
What we would like it to create with the integration:

If that’s not possible then it would be great to have a long text type column that allows a list of fields from an integration (like JotForm) to be entered in a line by line vertical format.

Hello @sanichols,

I have a similar situation to where I would like to create an item with multiple subitems. However, it seems that the only way to do so is to create each one individually, as there is not batch item create functionality on the roadmap.

I will still nonetheless add my vote to yours!

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One approach that I have used to automatically attach subitems to new items is to create a “template” item in the board and use an Integromat scenario to copy that item (with its subitems) and replace the newly created item.


I would expect that you could use a similar approach in conjunction with your current JotForm integration to provide the automation that you are looking for.