Any way to automate creating subitems AFTER initial row creation from form?

We have an existing Monday board and submission form. New entries go into a “new entry” table. Once approved, they are moved into basically an “in process” table on the same board.

We have about 100 rows already in our “in process” table and those rows have a couple subitems each from when we first designed out this board.

However, today we decided that we wanted to start automating about 9 subitems to be generated every time someone submits a form. That’s not a problem for all the “NEW” rows that go into our “new entry” table. The problem is, backfilling all the existing rows in the “in process” table with all these new subitems.

Is there a way to somehow backfill all the all the “in process” rows with the subitems structure? Not worried about the data itself (we don’t have it yet), rather it’s trying to avoid having to go into each row in the “in process” table and create all these new 9 subitems over and over and over.

Is there a way to do this somehow? I tried to export the “new entry” table into excel, do a bunch of cut and past of the new subitem column names, then re-import, that didn’t work out so well. Monday didn’t seem to know how to import the table and retain the subitem hierarchy. (Or, maybe it was user error???)

Anyway, any help will be GREATLY appreciated!

Hi @RickB - I would just create a temporary status column and automation to trigger the creation of the subitems for those existing records. Basically, the same automation you wrote for on item creation, create it for “when status changes to… create subitem, create subitem” etc. Then you can select all the records at once, change the status and all the subtasks will be created.

After that just delete the column and automation.

Hope this helps

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That’s a great suggestion! Should be easy enough!

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