Create items via Text Message (SMS/MMS)

Has anyone setup to have SMS/MMS messages open an item in I’m helping someone setup a support ticketing system in, and they want to give people the ability to open a ticket in by text their issue in. It doesn’t need to do anything fancy, just create an item in with the body of the message stored somewhere (updates or in a column). Any ideas? I’m having trouble finding a solution to this.


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I thought maybe the Twilo integration could handle that and got a little excited, but it looks like it can’t. I will be following this thread. I can think of lots of cool applications.

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I’d also be willing to use a tool like make to be the bridge, I just want to identify some software that would help be the bridge between someone sending in an SMS and then creating an item from it. I’m still looking so I’ll let you know if I find anything @psperry.

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Hi. @ccarverIOI @psperry

Extract marketplace app (see link below) extracts content from board updates. Currently we extract emails and sender names, and adds them to your board items so you can automate your CRM and helpdesk workflows without the need to manually copy and paste data.

We would love to learn more about the usecase of sending SMS to board. I assume that using SMS to email can help creating an update with SMS content. did you consider that?

Can you share more about your usecase and hopefully we can help with our app.

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@Nir-Jetpack, Thanks for the response. I think @ccarverIOI was referring to INCOMING texts being used to generate items. I am not currently aware of a product that can receive incoming texts. Once the text is in Monday, a product like yours could be very useful.

Not sure what SMS hose you are using but for example twilio lets you forward sms to email.

Then, if you use monday gmail integration - every email can create an item

Extract integration takes this email land saves updates in board columns.

That’s cool stuff. Thanks for the tip.