Create new app in workdoc

I want to create new native apps in workdoc and expose my app in workdoc so that I can do operations with them.
But it seems that the Monday workdoc does not support storing and displaying the application in the workdoc.
I’ve seen the workdoc ‘embed’ feature, but that’s not what I’m aiming for.
Is there any documentation on this? please help us.

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Hello @lucnguyendss and welcome to the community!

I hope you can like it here :muscle:

What is it exactly what you want to achieve?

Do you have a view (such as a board view or item view) and you want to “embed” that view inside the Work doc so that people can use it directly from within the doc?

Thanks for your reply.
In my case I have a kind of Docs application built on Monday and I want to “embed” my application in a ‘Block’ of Work doc.

Is that possible at the moment?

Hello again,

As explained here the doc action can be invoked from the app block menu or from the contextual tool bar.

When the user invokes your app, you can show a small modal.

But you can not “embed” it to a specific existing block. If that is what you meant.