Create new item in board automation - able to use relative dates and boards

At present we have an automation to run which will create a task to check on a client’s feed every Friday which is fine, but at present when we configure the automation we can only choose specific dates and specific boards - it would be really handy to be able to use variables or relative/calculated values instead?

So, for example, the task is created every week but we can’t set a DUE date for that day on it meaning that it doesn’t remind us if we forget and doesn’t show up in the MY WORK section. What I’d like would be to be able to configure the date to be “the day the task was created” or “created date + 2”, so a relative value rather than a specific one. At present it makes no sense for us to set a date here as the due date will vary depending on when the item is created (5th November, 12th November, 19th November etc.)

Similarly we can only choose a specific, already-created board to add it to. Since we have another automation which creates a new board for each month, it would be great to be able to select “top board” or similar?


This topic from earlier today might help somewhat:Automated creation of new item with due date two days after creation - #2 by JCorrell

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Thanks for that, Jim, have put that in place now so will see how it goes. I had to switch my board from using a timeline column for dates to a simpler date column but i think that should still be okay.

Any luck with this? I can’t get this automation to stick for the life of me. Customize it just like it’s spelled out here (“When item is created, set CALL DATE to today and push DUE DATE by 7 DAYS”).

The automation successfully populates the CALL DATE with today’s date, but it fails to generate a DUE DATE. What am I doing wrong?

hi @NiceFractal

Welcome to the community. If you are using a timeline (not dates) you might want to check this app Apps Marketplace out. It sets a timeline that can be pre-defined relative to the date the specified trigger fires. It can be combined with any other custom automation.

This ones set a timeline for 1 year from the moment the Contract Status is changed to “12 months”.