Create subitems from multi select when item is created

Is there a way to automatically create subitems from the selections made on the multi-select question? Currently, when an item is created, that item goes to a board that was selected in the single select question on a form. What I am hoping to also happen, is to automatically create sub-items for that item. These sub-items are chosen in the multi-select question on the same form as the single select question. Can it be done or is there a better way to do it.

Hello Joel!

Your interest in automating the creation of sub-items based on selections made in a multi-select question from a form is understandable. This would definitely streamline your workflow. does not have built-in functionality for automatically creating sub-items from multi-select form answers. While you can map form responses to various item columns, automatically generating sub-items from a multi-select question is not a feature offered directly within the platform.

However, our team of developers specializes in creating custom enhancements and integrations for We might be able to help develop a tailored solution that would enable you to automate the creation of sub-items based on the selections made in the multi-select question.

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Thank you for the answer