Using drop downs populated from a form and tyrning them unto sub items

Hi Monday Fam!

Inhave a form that captures requests for support and gives the form completer a few drop down options where they can ask for support on more than one item in the same request.

When this form comes through as an item, i want those drop downs to automatically populate sub items off the original.

Any easy way of doing this?

Hello @Rachhoward ,

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The best you can do using only monday should be the following :

Essentially for each value in the dropdown column, you create one such automation. If you have for example 5 values in the dropdown column, you would need 5 automations, each one containing one of the values.

You can also name the subitems getting created based on that value.

Hope this helps!

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

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Thank You sooooo much, this was helpful

However, to add complexity, i only want sub items to be populated IF multiple are selected from a drop down.

Can we do this?

Hello @Rachhoward ,

You certainly can! Just recreate the automation and choose all the labels that need to be contained!