Create the column which links to other Board

Hi, all
I have a question. Is it possible to create a Column that is a link to items in other Board using API?
In Query API this column is shown as:
“id”: “link_to_item3”,
“title”: “Workflow”,
“type”: “board-relation”

Via UI this column type is visible here:

Hey @azelenkin0306,

Unfortunately at this time it’s not possible to create this column via the API, you would only be able to query it as you did above. This being said I’ve gone ahead and passed this feedback over to the dev team to see if it’s something that we can look into adding in the future.

Let me know if there’s anything else we can help with!


Thanks for quick response.
Will be looking forward for this feature
Is it possible to do it via Integration Recipes or Automations. As far as I remember there was some Monday automation that creates a Item in a new Board and then adds link to another item in another board.

Something like this: