How to create a column, usoing the API, linker with another board (relation)

Hi everybody,

We need/want to create a workspace / board / column from scratch via our own script using the API after definitions and specifications.

We want to have sandbox workspaces (copy of the futur production’s workspace) for our developpers and QA.

Is it a limitation on the API, but i can’t find the way to create a column “relation_board” type with the API.

Is there a solution ? Must we create it manually !! (so bad!)
because we want easily create sandbox env. when we want and delete it and recreate it when we need with a total control on column ids.

Hope someone can answer or help

Hello @Marc_Furberg,

At the moment, unfortunately it is not possible to either create or connect a Connect Boards column through the API. It has to be done manually.
Here is the documentation on that