Creating an item in a board that contains £0 values

We have a board that contains three number columns. Sometimes these fields contain a value greater than £0 but quite often they contain only £0.

The board has an automation that when the status changes it creates an item in a second board and this all works fine but the number columns are only populated in the second board if they contain a value that is not £0.

£99.99 will get populated in the second board but £0 wont.

I don’t think I can use default values on the second board as they overwrite what ever the automation is trying to create.

Is this issue with my £0 values something I am doing or possibly a known limitation?

May thanks


I tried it our it seems like a limitation.

If you need the £0 I would create the item on the second board using as you can populate £0 via the API

Hope this helps