Creating Approvals

Good Morning Monday Crew!

I am wondering if anyone would have a suggestion for the following scenario?

I have a board in which users submit requests to, using the form view. The board assigns the requestor as the ‘requested by’ and notifies them that their request has been submitted. They have to enter an amount ($), among many other details, of their request. Here is where I am stuck and hoping that there is a solution…or perhaps I have hit limitations!

  1. When user ‘1’ submits their request and it is in the amount of ‘x’ it is auto-approved and moved down the board to the next group.
  2. When user ‘1’ submits their request and it is greater than ‘x’ but less than ‘y’ it sends a notification for another person for approval before moving down the board to the next group.
  3. There could be a third instance where it is greater than ‘y’.

I know that I can create formulas to change the status of another column but I am not sure how to tie that in to notifications of others.

Thanks in advance for any assistance I can get on this.

I think this can be accomplished with a few different automations working together.

  1. Using the automation “When a number is greater/less than a value, change status to something”, set the value to the max amount for auto approval. Then you could trigger a status column to say the request is approved. You could automate a notification to the requestor based on that status change as well. Then use “When a status changes to something, move item to group”.

  2. Using “When a number is greater than a value, notify someone” would send the notification. You could also use the automation in example 1 to change the status to “pending approval”. Once the request is reviewed, the reviewer can change the status to approved and it will move to the next group based on the second automation in example 1. If the reviewer does not approve the request, they could change the status to denied (or whatever verbiage you choose) and you can automate a notification to the requestor that it was denied.

If you come upon a need for another scenario, it would likely just be a matter of adding another status option and triggering what notification or action you’d like to happen as a result of that.

Hope this made sense!

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for that…I think that might just work! I should have also mentioned; is there a way to make this work should a requestor have a different initial approval level? IE; ‘a’ user has 2k and ‘b’ user has 5k.

I think, if my ‘Friday’ brain is working, I should be able to achieve a part of this by using a formula field. My thought is to use a formula column to determine the ‘approved/not approved’, although if someone can help as I’m not versed in many IF(AND/OR) statements.

{Originator Name}=“User1”,{Cost}>5000,
{Originator Name}=“User2”,{Cost}>2000,
{Originator Name}=“User3”,{Cost}>3000,
{Originator Name}=“User4”,{Cost}>1000,
“Not Approved”,“Approved”)))))

@carlhaase I’m currently only on the standard plan, so I don’t have access to use the formula column. But I believe that cells in the formula column cannot currently be used within automations. I’m also not well versed on using Integromat or Zapier (or the like) but this might be more effectively achieved using an integration recipe through one of those programs. Triggering the approval automation based on BOTH requestor AND amount and not just amount is more complicated than I think the native automations within Monday can accomplish.

Maybe someone else in the community, or a Monday moderator can suggest a way to achieve what you’re looking for. Sorry I couldn’t be more help!

Hey @carlhaase! Like @RyanSWS noted, formula columns aren’t currently supported in automations. Would you be open to using a numbers column instead? If so, then maybe this automation would be helpful to you as well to notify others:


Would that make sense for you?