Help with optional approval process step

Hello All,

I had a questions on how some people are handling a specific use case in an approval type process. I have 3 groups of people who need to approve something in a linear order. I have accomplished this successfully with no issues, but an additional requirement popped up about notifying a 4th user if an approval is over a specific dollar amount. I use row editing by Assigned column to enforce people approving in order.

Looking at the automations, I can see one for changing a status if a specifc number column hits a threshold, which allows me to set up the initial approval. However, when it comes time for this person to actually approve (they come third), I cannot conditionally set the person in the assigned to because theres no logic right now that checks the numbers field and also assigns to the assigned by.

I need something like this:

If is greater than 5000, and is approved, set team to <3rd optional person>.

How are you guys handling a scenario like this? Hope I explained it well, I can show screenshots for added context.


Hey @mmihalik,

Thanks for posting, and welcome to the community!

You can notify the optional 3rd/4th user if the dollar amount is greater than 5000 USD by using this automation. Have you already tried it out? This way, you could let the person know that the item needs their approval, and you could have a specific approval column for optional approvals. What do you think?