Limit status selection based on other criteria

Currently, when an item is in a specific group, there are instances where the available status options for that item should be restricted to specific choices. Let me illustrate with an example: in our setup, Group 2 represents a certain phase, and during this phase, the item’s status should only be allowed to transition to statuses 1 or 3. Status 4, on the other hand, is not applicable during this phase and should be prohibited.

My request is for an enhancement that would allow users to configure and enforce these limited status transition rules based on the group an item is in or other criteria. This would provide us with more control over our workflow and prevent unintended or inappropriate status changes.

Essentially, I would like to prohibit certain statuses within a column from being selected IF the item has a specific set of criteria.

I’ve tried to accomplish this with automations by having the item go back to how it started if a disallowed combination is selected. But I have had to create a large number of automations to accomplish this and there are conflicts.

I want to be able to set up rules for a column that are either based on the value of that column or other columns or groups or a combination of all 3.