Creating Board Where Tasks Are Same For Each Person

Hi there. Apologies in advance for being new with this program. What I’m trying to do is, I have a business where I sell medical practices. For each client, I do the same four things. So I want to be able to set up those four things automatically so that each time I have a new client, I add their name and it automatically adds those four tasks that need to be done for that person. Then I can track where we are on the timeline of each other person’s tasks. Normally we have to do one task before we can do the next and so on. So the first task may be a valuation of the practice, the second task creating marketing materials, the third task marketing, and a fourth task creating a sales contract.

Rather than creating everything by task, I’d rather it be organized by client, so that I can see which client needs something done next, rather than having to divide it up by test. Does that make sense? So for instance, my fantasy is to have a list of clients showing up, with some kind of visual to show me where I am in those four tasks for each of those clients al on one line per client. I’m having a hard time explaining this, but if anybody has any idea what I’m talking about, please let me know if there are any templates that I can find to do this. I’ve been looking through the templates that are there, and I am not seeing anything that makes sense.

Hello @Jbvan ,

Welcome to the community. You can use the sub-item automation for your needs.
What you can do is that, you can use the “When an item is created, then create a sub-item” automation. You can have multiple of such automation to create all the needed sub-items that need to be created for each client.

To have some visuals about the sub-item on the main item, you can use the “Show Summary on Parent Item” option.

Lastly, to create some form of dependencies between the sub-items, you can use the dependency column.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you!!! I’ll try all of this out!

@Jbvan were you able to test this? Did it work?

Hi Fred. I ended up creating something a bit different, but I appreciate the fact that @kolaai gave me all of that information.

I created three big calories: to do now – things that I need to take care of immediately, waiting – tasks that are in process where I am waiting for the client to get back to me, and done – tasks that are finished and do not require anything else at this time.

Then, for each client, I create or add a new project. Usually under one of the categories above. From there, I assign a phase, and a status. I also have a notes field, and a date to field for when things are due on a given date.

Finally, I created a bunch of automations so that, when I set a status to “waiting,” it goes to the waiting section; when I set status to “do now,” it goes to the top under the “to do now” section, etc.

Here is my list of Phases:

And my list of Statuses:

I hope that helps!

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Thanks for sharing!