Creating tasks using a template of tasks

Hi everyone,
I have 2 board, one for projects management and one for ongoing tasks.
I want that each time a project is moved to a different group (another phase in the project)
a list of items (tasks) (that some have sub-items) will be created in the ongoing tasks board and that the tasks will be connected to the project item in the projects management board.
I know this can be done using this Auto:

But i have 3 problems with it:

  1. I have about 100 tasks
  2. Some tasks have subtasks
  3. I need to be able to modify this list of tasks easily for this will probably change

I thought maybe I can do this somehow with a template board but i have no idea how.

Will appreciate any help :slight_smile:

@cheli - We have solved this for a client using middleware (i.e. Make) and 1 custom API call. How we approached this:

  1. Made a board ( Task Template Master ) where group names were types of tasks to be pulled intot the project board
  2. The items in this board were the template of tasks needed
  3. The sub items were the templated sub items needed
  4. When we triggered from the project board, it would match the type of task from project board with group name in Task Template Master. Once the task type woould match the relevant items and subitems would be populated in the WIP board that has the ongoing tasks.

If this aligns with what you have in mind feel free to fill in this form and I can ask the consultant who built this demonstrate it to you. Link to form: Contact information