Creating "departments" under the "account" heading

Currently working with large “accounts” or companies and within these my company works with different departments on their side on different projects. I’ve added a column for account or company, but is there a best way to further break that down by adding another column for the department? While still tying it back to the overarching “account”? I have been a bit stumped.

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In this case, it sounds like you might like to look into the various options we have for organising your account.

The highest level of organisation we have are Workspaces.
Based on what you’ve mentioned, you might like to use the workspaces for each large account.
This will help you to easily separate each large account within your account.
You can read more on this here: The Workspaces

Within each workspace you can then create folders.
You could have a folder for each department within that large account.
You can easily collapse and open the folders to keep everything easily organised.
Read more on the folders here: What are folders?

Within the folders you can have boards - this is where each of your projects will be tracked.
This means each project is in a folder for it’s relevant department, and within the workspace of that account.

All of our paid plans include unlimited boards, folders and workspaces, so you should be able to achieve this on any plan level.

Could this work for you?

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :smile: