Creating items with tags

I am experiencing difficulty creating items with tag column values. The items create, but the tag values are not being set.

I saw from this previous question that tags need to be created and then passed as ID to the create_item call:

So my first mutation to create the tag is this:

mutation { create_or_get_tag (tag_name: "myNewTag", board_id: 785566686) {

I then use that ID to create the item with the tag_ids like so:

mutation { 
      create_item (
        board_id: 785566686, 
        group_id: "group_title", 
        item_name: "item_name",
        column_values: "{\"status\":{\"label\":\"Medium\"},\"tag\":{\"tag_ids\":[7481612]}}"
        ) { id } 

When I perform that mutation from the API explorer, it is successful, but I am not seeing the tag on the new item in my board. Is there something wrong with the way I am trying set the tag values in the column_values? ( note, status does set correctly ).

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Hey @mdev - welcome to the community!

The create_or_get_tag mutation is fairly new - let me try and re-create this behavior on my end with the team and get back to you.

Could you let me know if this was previously working for you?


@dsilva No, I wasn’t able to get it to work from the api explorer or from the monday javascript sdk.

Here is a clip of the issue:

Hey @mdev - apologies for the delay! This took a bit more testing on our end to resolve.

We used the following query to create the tag and get the ID, just like the one you posted above:

mutation { create_or_get_tag (tag_name: "HelloWorld", board_id: xxxx) {

From there, we modified the ‘create_item’ query you provided to send the information needed to the API in JSON format:

mutation { 
      create_item (
        board_id: xxxxx, 
        item_name: "This is my item",
        ) { id } 

One thing I did notice is that if a board does not have any tags at all, you won’t see them appear until you refresh your browser.

Hope this helps!



It looks like the issue was the tag column name I was using. the actual name value had to be tags36 for my particular case.

I guess ill need to query the board to check which column is a tag type to determine the name before creating the item, rather than assuming it will always be tags.

Thank you!

Reviving this threat - I tried the following:

vars = {"myItemName": "test!","columnVals": json.dumps({"link": {"url":"","text":""},"people1":"14123922,12472244","tags":{"tag_ids":"#fdfd3"}}),}

The name hasn’t changed in my case. The tag doesn’t appear at all - even after reloading the page.

Hey @tuesdayman - could you try the above query without the number sign?


@dsilva the entire query results in no output.

See below:

vars = {"myItemName": "2342323!","columnVals": json.dumps({"link": {"url":"","text":""},"people1":"14123922,12472244","timeline":{"from":"2019-06-03", "to":"2019-06-15"},"tags":{"tag_ids":"fdfd3"}})}

@tuesdayman Should columnVals be column_vals? Have you tried using the API explorer?

If you use it, you can also confirm the tag name / id values for the board you are trying to create an item for.

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